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Extra virgin olive oil from Luque (Córdoba, Spain) olive varieties PICUDA and HOJIBLANCA.

PICUDA: Intense fruity green olives, of great complexity and harmony, with fruity notes of apple and banana, highlighting the green almond for its intensity. Among the herbaceous descriptors, the one that stands out most is the freshly cut grass. Very sweet on the palate, characteristic of the Picuda variety, with hints of almond and grassy notes at first. Then you will perceive the green banana and the artichoke, the bitterness is almost imperceptible and with a slight final spiciness.

HOJIBLANCA: Intense green fruity with herbaceous and fruity notes. Alloza, green apple, banana peel, green grass, wild plants and mauve are distinguished. Sweet entry into the mouth, fluid and very elegant, notes of banana, artichoke, alloza, walnut and olive leaf appear. Slightly bitter and spicy is growing in the throat.

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