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Olive oils with Designation of Origin Sierra Mágina

Extra virgin olive oil obtained from picual and manzanillo varieties of olives in Jaen.
The virgin olive oils with the Sierra Mágina Designation of Origin are stable, fruity and somewhat bitter. The colour varies depending on the time of collection and the geographic location within the region, ranging from lush green to golden yellow. Sierra Mágina is a community found in the heart of the similary-named natural park. Situated in the central part of the south of the province of Jaen, this production zone is made up of the municipalities of Albánchez de Ubeda, Bedmar-Garcíez, Bélmez de la Moraleda, Cabra del Santo Cristo, Cambil-Arbuniel, Campillo de Arenas, Cárcheles (Carchel and Carchelejo), Huelma, Solera, Jimena, Jódar, Larva, Mancha Real, Pegalajar and Torres.

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