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    Extra virgin olive oil without filtering, first cold pressing and ground with stone mill. Authentic craftsmanship for a ripe fruity oil with all its natural properties. Pure juice of high density and very low acidity, excellent palate, very sweet and soft, highly nutritious and that unlike other oils does not alter the flavors of food and does not repeat in the mouth. Perfectly you can drink. This virgin olive oil in the Tárrega branch (Lleida) is a monovarietal of the Arbequina variety. Its tasting notes are medium fruity, light bitter and light spicy. The olive oil of ice - "olí de gel" - is the oil obtained from the olives picked at a very special moment of the harvest, when the olives have frozen at their optimum ripeness and are still in the tree. this very special fact happens rarely, not much less in all the campaigns, and when it happens, the oil obtained is kept in separate tanks

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