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Olmeda Origenes chorizo Iberico de bellota - 100 grs

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It is one of our Spanish treasures.

We choose our Chorizo Ibérico de Bellota with great care to preserve, in a thin slice, the exceptional flavour and the fresh and intense aroma that characterises our delicatessen products.

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100 gr
Olmeda Orígenes


One of Spain's treasures

Bellota Iberian chorizo is selected with the utmost care to preserve, in a thin slice, the exceptional flavour and fresh, intense aroma that characterise our delicatessen products.

At an altitude of 1099 metres, in the heart of the Castilian mountains, we make our top-quality Iberian chorizo from Iberian pigs, which are fed exclusively on acorns from October to February, to bring out its unique flavour.

Renowned for its pastoral traditions, the Villacastín region (Segovia) offers the world a top-quality chorizo, marinated with garlic, paprika, salt and local herbs, then left to air-dry for 4 months in our drying sheds to obtain this extraordinary flavour.

Perfect on any charcuterie table, simply cut the chorizo and you'll see knife-cut pieces of the juiciest Segovian meats.

Olmeda Orígenes S.L.

Olmeda Origenes is the heir to artisanal flavors, authentic Spanish natural aromas... and a team dedicated to providing the best possible service.

Olmeda Origenes is about good people, who with great effort and affection, create products to serve our customers, bringing the best of Spanish... 

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