Olmeda Orígenes arroz bomba - 1Kg

Olmeda Orígenes arroz bomba - 1Kg

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Bomba rice is an essential ingredient in Mediterranean cuisine. Grown in the Albufera region of Valencia, it has a loose, smooth texture that's perfect for risottos and paellas.

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1 Kg
Olmeda Orígenes


Bomba rice is considered to be one of the best rice dishes in the world.

It's a chef's best friend in the kitchen, widely used by expert rice cooks thanks to its unique and very special properties. The grains will always achieve an excellent loose, smooth texture, making it perfect for preparing risottos, paellas and other Mediterranean rice dishes.

Olmeda Orígenes bomba rice is produced in the Albufera de Valencia, one of Spain's richest and most beautiful natural ecosystems.

Located close to this incredible natural park, the three villages of Sollana, Silla and Sueca produce our bomba rice locally using only traditional methods. Bomba’ is a unique variety of rice, with a short, rounded grain that triples in volume when cooked. This rice retains all the flavours and subtleties of the dish, while preventing it from clumping together. Thanks to the so-called ‘accordion effect’, we guarantee that the grains are loose, supple and appetising.

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