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  • Buy Best Spanish Olive Oils 2018

    Best Spanish Olive Oils 2018

Olive oils with Designation of Origin Montoro Adamuz

The development of the olive oils protected by the Montoro-Adamuz Designation of Origin is made with olives of the nevadillo blanco, nevadillo negro, lechín, picudo and carrasqueño varieties. They possess an intense fruitiness that comes from the olives, as well as other ripe fruits and green leaves, with light to medium-high intensity. of bitterness, which blends with the secondary varieties. These are full-bodied olive oils. In your mouth, they contain a characteristic taste and with a tip of the tongue sensation that is related to the high oleic acid count. The production area for these olive oils is protected by the Montoro-Adamuz Designation of Origin is made of the following municipalities that are located in the province of Córdoba: Montoro, Adamuz, Obejo, Villaharta, Espiel, Villaviciosa de Córdoba, Hornachuelos, Villanueva del Rey and the edge of Córdoba situated to the north of the Guadalquivir river.

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