Oro del Desierto tapenade - Glass jar...

Oro del Desierto tapenade - Glass jar 250 gr

Jar 250 gr

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150 gr. tapenade jar from organic olives.

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250 gr
Oro del Desierto


Olive pâté is a natural product made from crushed olives, pasteurised and made from black olives of the Lechín de granada variety, salt, pepper and extra virgin olive oil of the same variety. 

This pâté is ideal as an aperitif, served on toast or crackers, and can also be used to flavour pasta sauces or other preparations. It is low in calories and healthy, but should be eaten in moderation due to its intense, salty taste. It is packaged in small jars to avoid overuse. 

Once opened, the pasta should be kept in the fridge and eaten within 10 days, as it can ferment on contact with air, since it contains no artificial preservatives.

Rafael Alonso Aguilera S.L.

The activity of the company starts in 1999.

All activities carried out by this company are carried out taking into account the environment. "Oro del Desierto" extra virgin olive oil, with which the product is marketed, is made from organic and traditional olives, with traditionally selected... 

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