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Oliflix Ecológico

PET bottle 5 l.


27,00 €(tax incl.5,40 €/L)


36,00 €

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(¡rtisanal processing method!) Ecological olive oil yellow in colour, sweet, soft flavour. In the nose, it is very aromatic..

virgin olive oil fromFlix (Tarragona) is a mix of the arbequina, empeltre varieties.

Ideal for eating raw in salads, with vegtables etc...  

Extra Virgin Olive Oil
arbequina ,empeltre
Appellation of origin:
Albelda de Iregua (La Rioja)
Pet Bottle

Entrega rápida. El producto venía muy bien protegido contra los golpes.


Das was bestellt wurde ist schnell gekommen. Alles bestens.


Perfecto para regalar

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Oliflix Ecológico - PET bottle 5 l.

Oliflix Ecológico - PET bottle 5 l.

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Manufacturer Info

Antonio Rey Solé-Oliflix

Extra virgin olive oil FIRST PRESSURE IN COLD, obtained by means of ARTISAN MANUFACTURING method.

Process of making our extra virgin olive oil

Olives picked from the tree one by one by hand and transported in boxes so that they are not damaged.
Crushing the olives in our Granite Stones Mill.
The Mill is composed of two large granite stone wheels, each weighing 2,000 kgs. spinning at a speed of 18 turns per minute.
The mass of the crushed olives is uniformly distributed on top of the canes to favor a uniform pressing.
When it is possible to reach the maximum height of the layering of the layers and the mass of the olives, it is time to introduce it in the hydraulic press.
From the First Pressure in Frio, the first juice of the olives results, OLIVE OIL VIRGIN EXTRA OLIFLIX OF FIRST PRESSURE IN FRÍO.

oil mills by Antonio Rey Solé-Oliflix
Flix Mill
Flix (Tarragona, Spain)

OLIFLIX is a small olive oil mill that has been recovered after a long period of inactivity.

Next to the mill we have recovered the traditional elaboration systems of Olive Oil, being the result of this work an Extra Virgin Olive Oil elaborated in the purest artisan style:

Olives picked one by one by hand and transported in boxes so that they are not harmed
Crushing the olives in the Monlino de Piedras de Granito
The whole process is done in cold
Objected oil from the first cold pressure
Molino de Mequinenza
Mequinenza (Zaragoza, Spain)

The mill was recovered and restored by Antonio Rey Solé and inaugurated in October 1998. Since then, the production of extra virgin olive oil and the provision of guided tours in the facilities of the mill have been combined.