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Lista de productos por fabricante Almazara el Vínculo S.XVII

The location of the olive groves, the climate, the soil and the mixture of different types of olive tree, together with the exclusive use of mechanical processes to obtain the oil are a magnificent combination which gives a very high quality product. The oil production is limited, about two hundred thousand kilogrammes per annum, obtained by artesanal methods, made using a traditional system of presses, "In the ancestral way".The olive with which we make our virgin olive oil comes from our own groves called "El Salado",(the salty one), and "Canuto" ,( the pipe), where the predominant variety is "Lechin"also known as "Zorzaleña", this a vigorous olive, strong and apt for chalky soils. Extra Virgen olive oil with a fluid texture, greenish yellow colour, fresh fruit and clean aroma characterizes the Lechin variety. IT IS A COMPLETELY NATURAL FRUIT JUICE WITHOUT ANY PRESERVATIVES. The olive harvest begins in mid-November and we have a tight control of its harvesting by hand to make sure the olives are in the optimum moment of ripeness. From the country the olives are transported to the presses to be classified, washed and cleaned, they are squashed and ground. From the resulting mass, the FIRST PRESSING is done in the presses and the resulting oil is canalized into decanting wells, in which the difference of density of the oil and the vegetable water separates them naturally. When this proccess is finished the resulting oil is kept in tanks, out of the light and at room temperature to clear. After that it is bottled.

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