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Which oils are the ones that best accompany gazpacho and salmorejo?

Publicado por: Eduardo Muñoz En: Cocina Fecha: jueves, mayo 17, 2018 Comentario: 0 Vistas: 2018

The Andalusian gazpacho and the salmorejo cordobés, the great allies of summer.


With the arrival of good weather, there is nothing more appealing than a refreshing Andalusian gazpacho or a delicious Cordoban salmorejo. It's true, they're both refreshing, but there are small differences between them.

Andalusian gazpacho.

Therefore, the combination of the oil with either of these two dishes depends on the taste you want to give it. If you like it with more bitter tones or, on the contrary, with sweeter tones. Either one will be very good, but the taste varies considerably if we use one oil or the other.
Traditionally, being an Andalusian dish, oils of the picual and hojiblanca variety have been used—the first being bitterer and the second more spicy. Here are some examples:

Nowadays, sweet varieties such as arbequina, lechín or manzanilla, are also being used in the preparation of gazpacho and salmorejo:

Salmorejo from Córdoba.

And finally, to spice it up, there's nothing like a good dash of early harvest extra virgin olive oil, for example:


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