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The magic of extra virgin olive oil shampoo for your hair

Find out all of what the antioxidant power of extra virgin olive oil can do for your hair

The passage of time leaves a deep mark on our hair: it loses colour and thickness, the hydration disappears, becoming dry and brittle, and it loses its tone. Many of these signs, which age us, can be stopped, and even prevented, with a product like our olive oil.

Four problems, four remedies

-Fragility. With the passage of time, hair tends to lose its thickness. This produces an unsightly effect, like lightening parts of the hair, and affects the capillary health itself because it is more exposed to the action of external agents, such as solar rays or low temperatures.


Natural Edition Men’s Shampoo by La Chinata



It combines all the healthy minerals of extra virgin olive oil and hot spring waters. This mixture works by returning the energy to the cells of the scalp, thus reinforcing the fragile hair from root to tip.

-Frequent hair loss. Both in men and women, hormonal changes and stress (in addition to genetics in the case of the male population) are the main culprits of hair loss, something that we cannot restore unless we go through a capillary implant.


The natural, smooth shampoo edition by La Chinata

champu suave


The natural, smooth shampoo edition by La Chinata is rich in extra virgin olive oil and olive leaf extract and made from hot spring waters. By regularly using this shampoo, you will be able to clean hair gently and
protect the hair shaft.

-Different texture, tone, and appearance. Over time, hair tends to change in appearance, becomes straight instead of wavy, and tends to lose the way it naturally falls.


Oleo Salud moisturizing shampoo

champu hidratante


If this is the case with you, we recommend the Oleo Salud moisturizing shampoo, as it provides perfect hydration in dry, coloured, or dyed hair, adding softness and elasticity.

-Dry hair. The loss of hydration and the lack of brightness are other signs of capillary aging.


La Chinata hair conditioner

acondicionador capilar


La Chinata hair conditioner, enriched with extra virgin olive oil, protects and prevents hair from external aggressions thanks to its high Vitamin E content. If you use it frequently, you will add health and shine to your hair..

From now on, give yourself the pleasure of enjoying the magic of extra virgin olive oil shampoo.

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