Two entrepreneurs united their dream with the experience of the San Juan Cooperative to create a category Extra Virgin Olive Oil together. It happened in Jaen, the challenge became a project, they dubbed it Supremo, and ever since then, we can taste its fruit.

With creativity and daring, in a short period of time, they have managed to position the brand and the cooperative at the top, producing a quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil with more than 100 national and international awards.

Supremo has 7 EVOOs of 6 different varieties of olives harvested from their respective olive groves throughout Jaen with 3 production proposals: ecological, integral, and traditional. It stands out with its brightly coloured bottles, some symbolic, with labels made by renowned young artists from Jaen. With its image and philosophy, Supremo is unique while also preserving the identity of its region of origin.

Enjoy your favourite among this selection of different varieties, the ones that best suit your dishes


100% PICUAL - Top 50 Iberoleum; Awarded

Attributes: Traditional from Jaen – High yield– Early production

Zone: Sierra de la Campiña  Acidity: 0,11 Colour: Intense green

Aroma: Almond, fresh herb, tomato

Recommended: In raw dishes, dressings and red meats

Label 19-20: “Jaén con su oro verde” by Carolina Molina Pérez

100% ARBOSANA - Top 50 Iberoleum; Awarded

Attributes:  Originally from the Penedes – High content of polyphenols

Zone: A t the feet of Arjon  Acidity: 0,12 Colour: Green with hints of gold

Aroma: Green olive, green Apple, green banana

Recommended: In salads, chocolates, yoghurt and ice cream

Label 19-20: “Arjé” by Alberto Mesón Temprado

100% CORNEZUELO Top 50 Iberoleum; Awarded

Attributes: Recently planted – eco-friendly production

Zone: Sierra de Huelma  Acidity: 0,12 Couleur: Vibrant bright green

Aroma: Green Herbs, artichoke, almond

Recommended: On vegetables, toasts, cured cheeses, and raw fish

Label 19-20: “El espíritu de la mujer rural” by Inmaculada González Torres

100% HOJIBLANCA Top 50 Iberoleum

Attributes: Third in cultivated area – medium-high drought resistence

Zone: On the outskirts of the Sub-Baetic region Acidity: 0,13 Colour: Intense green

Aroma: Olive leaf, tomato plant, green almond

Recommended: On salads, cheeses and fatty or white fish

Label  19-20: “Roaylmente Supremo” by Ana Corazón de Castro

100% ROYAL Top 20 Iberoleum; Awarded

Attributes: Traditional from Jaen – High levels of Vitamin E  –  eco-friendly production

Zone: Sierra de Huelma  Acidity: 0,10 Colour: Intense green

Arome: White flowers, grass, green banana peel

Recommended: On bread, pasta and smoked cheeses

Label 19-20: “Dama verde” by Blanca Luque Mateos


Attributes: Originally from Italy, collected in Andujar

Zone: On the Supremo experimental farm in Andújar   Acidity: 0,13 Colour: Intense green

Arome: Banana, artichoke, almond

Recommended: On bread, especially for pastas and salads with nuts

Label 19-20: “Homenaje a García Lorca” by Miguel Viribay Abad


Attributes: Main variety in Andalousia – highly stable oil Unfiltered

Zone: On the Supremo experimental farm in Andujar  Acidity: 0,16 Colour: Golden

Arome: Banana peel, ripe olive

Recommandée: Dressings, cooked and fried foods

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