Hacienda Guzmán - Signature oil

- Signature oil 

Near Seville, in the town of La Rinconada, is the impressive 4- tower estate of “Hacienda Guzmán”, surrounded by more than 340 hectáreas of olive trees with an Organic Certification from the Andalusian Comittee for Organic Agriculture (CAAE, for its Spanish acronym). Its history dates back to the 16th century, linked to the name of Christopher Columbus´s sibn, Hernando Columbus, who turned this olive grove, linto the most important olive oil producer in the world, even  exporting to the Americas.

Visiting Hacienda Guzmán is basking in Andalusian culture: the building, its various patios, the carriage museum, the horse stable, the Andalusian garden...As a shining example of Oleotourism, it dazzles visitors with its conscientious representation of the oil production process with period oil mills and presses of that era, leading on to the current innovative facilities, and finishing off the tour in its tasting room. 

To complete this journey through the world of EVOO, the Hacienda has an Olive tree collection with more than 150 varieties from more than 13 countries on 5 continents: a source of raw material for its R&D Centre, which has its own experimental mill with the goal of expanding knowledge about the characteristics of different types of olives.  

For four generations, the Guillén family has dedicated themselves producing the HG Reserva Familiar organic extra virgin olive oils with olive trees from“Hacienda Guzmán” using Arbequina, Hojiblanca, Manzanilla Sevillana, and Coupage, with each product distinguished by a differently coloured packaging.   

The process begins with the manual selection and harvesting of each variety of olives.

The collection takes place next to the oil mill, which has 3 independent presses, allowing for the 3 varieties to be pressed in under 5 hours after the harvest, after controlling for the ripeness and state of the olives manually for the second time.

For the optimal preservation of your EVOO, HG takes care of every last detail of the packaging. The EVOOs are stored in thick glass bottles to protect them from the heat, opaque in colour to protect them from light, and with a non-refillable cap to protect them from oxidation.

                                    HG Arbequina                 HG Hojiblanca                  HG Manzanilla                   HG Coupage

The red bottle is for the Arbequina HG Reserva Familiar: a medium intensity, smooth, aromatic, fruity oil.

The green bottle contains the Hojiblanca HG Reserva Familiar: Also called “Lucentina” in Andalusia, it is a star example of the HG olive grove tradition. This oil has vegetal notes with a pleasant finish on the palate.

The black bottle is for the Manzanilla Sevillana HG Reserva Familiar: limited edition and the first HG oil. It is a high-intensity, fruity EVOO that is slightly bitter and spicy, ideal for putting on toast.

The white bottle simbolizes the Coupage that combines the fruitiness of Arbequina, the freshness of Hojiblanca, and the exclusivity of Manzanilla.


Respectful of the environment and rigorous in its procedures, the Hacienda Guzmán brand mixes traditional know-how with avant-garde technology to achieve a quality signature oil,that has received both national and international recognition.

Their social commitment, passion for protecting the olive-growing landscapes of  Andalusia, and their ambition to devolip olive grove cultivation is channelled throuth the Juan Ramón Guillén Foundation, nourished by te historical weight of La Hacienda along with the quiet  strength so characteristic of olive trees.

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