El Tilo

The El Tilo brand takes its name from an example of this species, watching over various generations of the olive trees on the estate. With innumerable properties, this tree transmits peace and gives as it loses its leaves and they decompose into nutrients and minerals for the earth.

It is a mono-varietal EVOO from Extremadura, from olive trees originating from the Villuercas - Ibores - Jara Park; it is harvested early, and later processed through cold extraction in the following 12 hours, which preserves all its qualities.

El Tilo Extra Virgin Olive Oil, obtained from the Cornicabra olive variety, native to the Tagus Valley; this variety provides great health benefits, such as its high oleic acid index (monounsaturated fatty acid), its natural antioxidants (polyphenols) and its anti-inflammatory properties (oleocanthal).

Of medium-high intensity, its fruity green olive aroma, notes of olive leaf and almond, reminiscent of apple, gives a sweet initial flavour followed by bitter sensations and medium intensity spiciness. It is very well balanced as a whole with an aftertaste of green almonds. Therefore, it is a perfect EVOO to accompany any dish, from toast, to stews, to drizzling over cold summer meals (Gazpacho, salads, vegetables...)

The El Tilo brand, a family project based on sustainable agriculture, has been awarded with the Gourmet Product medal “Mûr Intense” category by the French Agency, AVPA (Agency for the Valuation of Agricultural Products), in their 18th edition of the International Contest, “World Oils.”

It is a 35-hectare farm with more than 9000 feet of olive trees surrounded by 30 other flora and fauna, which obtains energy for its production entirely from solar panels, while maintaining the vegetation cover to prevent erosion and help retain water and nutrients.

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