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    Oliva Essentia Raspberry Pulp Vinegar

    Glass bottle 250 ml.


    Acidity: 6º

    Mode of elaboration: It is obtained by the homogenization of the wine vinegar, together with the raspberry pulp in a maceration process.
    Ingredients: wine vinegar and rasberry pulp.
    Grape: palomino.
    Aging: the base vinegar contains a minimum aging of 12 months in American oak casks.
    Texture: creamy
    Smell: clean and characteristic of the raspberry.

    Recommended uses: Ideal for fruit salads, dressings, sauces, vinaigrettes and desserts.

    Appellation of origin:
    Without denomination
    250 ml
    Raspberry red.
    Bittersweet and balanced, with a raspberry flavor.

    Great customer service, great oils, great selection, loving them. I'll definitely be back. Delivery to Dublin took some time, but worth the weight and the wait


    todo perfecto


    Se trata de la primera vez que pedimos aceite por Internet y que probams AlmaOliva virgen extra Bio. La entrega fue rapida y eficaz, lo que agradecimos mucho. En cuanto a la calidad del producto, nos

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    Oliva Essentia Raspberry Pulp Vinegar - Glass bottle 250 ml.

    Oliva Essentia Raspberry Pulp Vinegar - Glass bottle 250 ml.

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    Manufacturer Info

    Oliva Essentia

    Alimentos Esenciales de Andalucía and its brand OLIVA ESSENTIA has exceptional varieties of extra virgin olive oil for their extremely careful harvest, which makes it possible to obtain outstanding HOVES of superior quality and differentiation factor of added value.

    OLIVA ESSENTIA is the brand under which this company packs a selection of the best virgin olive oils extra from Andalusia. Two monovarietal, Picual and Arbequina traditional culture and high quality variety of ecological picual as well as a cut are chosen to meet the requirements of the most demanding consumers.

    Alimentos Esenciales de Andalucía SL
    (Montilla - Córdoba) Cordoba, España

    The creativity and enthusiasm in the project is the solid foundation on which Alimentos Esenciales de Andalucía SL builds to put its unique AOVES in the most recognized and prestigious gourmet restaurants and outlets at national and international level.