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The Best Gift for the Family:

- Nobleza del Sur ARBEQUINA: Extra virgin olive oil with aromas of fresh fruits, vanilla, banana, with green and ripe tones, without bitterness and with a spicy point that closes a set of complex nuances, harmonious and persistent on the palate.

- Cladium Hojiblanca: Extra virgin olive oil of strong intensity, robust, with green tones to grass, apple, tomato, pungent flavor and medium spicy.

- Casitas de Hualdo: Extra virgin olive oil of medium intensity, delicate, tasty, complex, with nuances of fresh fruit, almond, apple, banana. A delight for the sweet-toothed.

And to celebrate such a healthy and tasty gift, a story of fantastic and fun adventures for the whole family (edited by Casas de Hualdo).

2020 - 2021
1,5 L
Mature apple

Qualité et rapidite


Alles prima gelaufen. Bestellung und Lieferung! Danke


Buena experiencia, como otras veces.

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Selection Batch - Family Pack

Selection Batch - Family Pack

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Manufacturer Info

Oliva Oliva

Oliva Oliva is the largest e-commerce of extra virgin olive oil on the Internet, with nearly 500 extra virgin olive oil products, and incorporating new selected products every day.

In Oliva Oliva, the purchase of extra virgin olive oil is made directly to the production mill, at the same retail price that the mill marks.


The product is collected, therefore, in the mill of origin, freshly packed and packaged by the producer, specifically for the Oliva Oliva buyer.

An urgent parcel company associated with Oliva Oliva, is responsible for collecting and delivering the product, with a maximum objective time of 48 h. Adding a day prior to the preparation of the package, the maximum estimated delivery time from the completion of the order is 72 h.


The price of the shipment negotiated with the parcel company is transferred without increase to the customer. Therefore, the price of the oil at source plus the price of the shipment negotiated by Oliva Oliva without surcharge, result in the lowest possible market price, by which you can obtain any of the products offered, from the oil mill to your home .


If the customer prefers to try different products, before placing an order to the mill, he can use the unit oil purchase service.

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