Gourmet Gift Box

    4 best of Spain 2016 Award


    Castillo de Canena Reserva Familiar Picual

    Really strong impact on Strong intensity of herbal aroma, with tomato leaves,artichoke and recently-chopped herbs, fruity, vegetables, all seasoned with subtle spiceness. 

    This fromCanena (Jaén) is monovarietal and from the picual variety. Its tasting notes includemedium frutiness, high bitternessand medium spiceness.

    Dressed with garlic and spices, sautéed with vegetables, fish, fried vegetables using a lot of salt (asparagus, zucchini, aubergines)and bread with olive oil and salt and tomato salad, with vinegars from Jerez,salads with codfish, orange and onion, cured cheese, and dressed potatatos (boiled potatos, tomato, pepper, hard-boiled egg and tuna, white garlic, vergetables cooked in the wok, fried tuna, chickpeas, pasta salad, green vegetables and rice).

    Oro de Bailén Reserva Familiar Picual

    Bright and shiny green colour. It is an oil with an intense fruity flavour of fresh olive and a great complexity of herbaceous and fruity aromas with green banana, almond and green tomato standing out. It is voluminous and well-structured in mouth with great expressiveness, sweet and slightly spicy. It is a well-balanced oil that is elegant both in nose and in mouth. Almond aftertaste.

    From Bailén (Jaén), produced from the olive variety of picual. 

    Finca de la Torre Hojiblanca

    Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 100 % Hojiblanca.

    Delicate fruit, fresh, bitter and spicy with hints of green almond, apple and banana. Persistent and balance.


    It is an intense fruity olive oil reminiscent of ripe fruit. Notes of apple, almond, banana and cinnamon mixed with green leaf and mint sensations are perceived. The palate is sweet, nutty and slightly bitter and spicy, resulting all very harmonious, fragrant and with a variety of shades set. 


    Especially raw. Accompanying fish, carpaccio, vegetables and fresh vegetables, smoked cod salads and smoked, prepared baked and steamed dishes, and generally in foods that we want to preserve and enhance its natural flavor.

    2020 - 2021
    Caja madera

    Tuve unas dudas tras realizar la compra y me ayudaron a través del whassap de manera inmediata. Trato cercano y profesional.


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    Sehr gutes Kundenservice und exzellentes Öl zu moderaten Preisen. Wird weiterempfohlen!

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    Gourmet Gift Box - 4 best of Spain 2016 Award

    Gourmet Gift Box - 4 best of Spain 2016 Award

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