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L'Oli Ferrer

Essence, PX vinegar caviar and sea salt


34,00 € tax incl.

  • 1 estuche 34,00 € / Unit
  • 5 estuches 31,85 € / Unit

Exclusive gift box available in 100 ml. + 60 gr. + 50 gr.

Organic Umami oil

It is an organic extra virgin olive oil, intensely fresh and of prolonged sensation, with strong personality, balanced and complex. Dark green color with golden touches, persistent taste and great aromatic quality, intense fruity nose and mouth, aromas of green olives, with notes of tomato, almonds, avocado and spices like cilantro.

The palate is pleasant, slightly spicy and has a great balance between sweet and bitter. The maximum acidity is 0.2º.

Olive Extra Virgin Olive Oil Arbequina 100% organic.

Pedro Ximénez balsamic vinegar caviar

New way to present the vinegar. It is elaborated with the spherification technique obtaining a sphere of texture similar to that of caviar.

They are pearls of balsamic vinegar that is made with the grape variety Pedro Ximénez, grape that is pansified to the sun in a natural way and that offers us aromas of the variety such as raisins and honey, and notes of aging in American oak . In the mouth, spectacular explosion of freshness, acidity and sweetness. Delicatessen products to be used in the most select and avant-garde, innovative and original kitchens.

Recomended uses: Cold soups, foie, salads, ice cream, desserts with red fruits, and decoration of dishes.

Sea salt of the Mediterranean

The Flower of salt is the pure form of salt. A 100% natural product without any treatment or additives.

Tasting note: White with pink and grayscale reflections, subtle note of violets and delicate marine scent.

Recomended uses: It is used to intensify the flavor of food, to finish a dish, both meat and fish or vegetables, and desserts such as chocolate.

Hot spicy:

Over 50 the cans of oil were damage.

UPS sevice is not good.


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L'Oli Ferrer - Essence, PX vinegar caviar and sea salt

L'Oli Ferrer - Essence, PX vinegar caviar and sea salt

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Manufacturer Info

L'Oli Ferrer

El aceite virgen extra l'Oli Ferrer incluido en la D.O.P. Siurana, es un producto natural elaborado a partir de una selección de aceitunas de la variedad arbequina.

Estas aceitunas son recolectadas manualmente en el momento óptimo de maduración para elaborar aceites de oliva gourmet de calidad excepcional.
Es un aceite de oliva virgen extra obtenido de aceitunas de primera extracción en frío, mediante procedimientos mecánicos que no modifican su composición natural, manteniendo todo el contenido vitamínico y nutricional del aceite.
l'Oli Ferrer mantiene un sabor intensamente frutado, que recuerda el olor y el gusto de las frutas frescas, transmitiendo sus virtudes de aroma y sabor a los alimentos.