Aceites Masterchef

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    Luxury Cardboard box with 3 glass bottles of 500 ml.


    Exquisite flavor oil with great characteristic aroma of clean leaf and grass. It is an olive oil for lovers of exotic flavors and sensory. These are fresh and young oils with such composition that they are more delicate than other varieties.

    Tasting Notes:
    In nose it recalls fresh artichoke and in mouth, brings traces of tomatoes and garden. They are also fruity with an exotic scent. Banana and hazelnut nuances accompanied by a certain softness and sweetness that distinguishes them, by leaving a green almond aftertaste.

    Grilled meats, chicken and roast lamb. Ideal for cooking bluefish and goes well with carpaccio. Ideally combined with vegetables: stew, white beans or lentils and green beans. Perfect in the preparation of pasta and for seasoning for different types of cheeses. Ideal for baking and pastries.


    Oil with great personality, presenting well defined sensory nuances that make it easily identifiable in all the monovarietals. His intrinsic composition is particularly balanced with a high oleic acid content and high antioxidant intake.

    Tasting Notes:
    The picual EVOO MasterChef has Protected Designation of Origin, is very balanced, medium intensity sour and spicy, typical of the Picual variety. In nose, its aroma is exceptionally intense, highlighting its vegetable notes that have an intense fruity green grass and fresh wood, light smell alloza, apple and fig tree.

    Ideal on toast for breakfast. More elaborate preparations such as stews and meat dishes. Ideal for preparing dishes of white fish in general. Experience this oil in salads served with fresh onion. It is recommended for gazpachos and salmorejos.


    A native variety of the region of the Sierra de Cazorla. It is the only variety in the world with Protected Designation of Origin. This oil is very rare and with great value whose main characteristic organoleptic is fresh fruity and sweet aroma producing extra virgin olive oils of exceptional quality.

    Tasting Notes:
    The Royal Evoo MasterChef has an intense fruity in nose composed of lots of green hues of tomato, banana, grass and alloza. In mouth, it is light, without bitterness, with a mild flavor and not aggressive, leaving some sweetness shades combined with notes of ripe almond and vanilla.

    Ideal for all types of salads, blue fish baked and pickled, for baked and sweet recipes (in cake substituting butter) and to make mayonnaise.

    Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    arbequina ,Picual ,royal
    Appellation of origin:
    Sierra de Cazorla (Jaén)
    2020 - 2021

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    Aceites Masterchef - Gift pack

    Aceites Masterchef - Gift pack

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