Capricho Andaluz

Recién cosechado


hojiblanca ,Picual ,arbequina
2020 - 2021
Green olive

Excellent online shop. Very good oils buying it for quite some time.


Schnelle Lieferung. Tolles Bio Olivenöl mit guten Preis Leistung Verhältnis


Tuve unas dudas tras realizar la compra y me ayudaron a través del whassap de manera inmediata. Trato cercano y profesional.

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Capricho Andaluz - Recién cosechado - botella pet 2 l.

Capricho Andaluz - Recién cosechado - botella pet 2 l.

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Manufacturer Info

Capricho Andaluz SL

In the interior of the Subbética cordobesa, Capricho Andaluz SL, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, is produced, always of the highest quality,extracting all the essence of the fruit of the olive tree.

Capricho Andaluz SL. born in 1998, as a company that produces extra virgin olive oil, with a vertical integration of the product, It owns its own crops and performs olive harvesting, milling, packaging and distribution in its facilities.

It currently has 22 workers, a number that increases in season, between October and March.

We have achieved Quality from the beginning, that is our main objective, and based on this, we started a complete selection process in the olive tree itself. We seek the best fruit of our land, land par excellence of the best extra virgin olive oil.

We select the olives of the Hojiblanca, Picual, Arbequina and Picuda varieties from the regions of Cabra, Priego de Córdoba and Baena. Our experts visit the fruit in the tree itself, looking for quality at source. To ensure that the olives are at their best conditions, its maturity is carefully checked and its deterioration is avoided.

With this selection and a careful study, each one of these varieties has been collected at the moment in which this maturity has been the most suitable, to be able to obtain extra virgin olive oil with a quality, aroma and flavor that can be considered a whim of the nature.

almazara of Capricho Andaluz SL Capricho Andaluz SL Cabra (Córdoba, Spain)

Capricho Andaluz has modern and extensive facilities, in continuous updating process, adapted to the latest technologies.

All the machinery has been acquired in the last two years, with the most advanced systems.

A modern mill for grinding, two warehouses with capacity for more than one million kilos of oil and four packaging lines they allow us to be prepared to offer the market products of the highest quality, always with the best service.