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Venta del Barón

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Protected Designation of Origin Priego de Córdoba (Córdoba)

Glasas bottle 500 ml. + box


12,00 € tax incl.

  • 1 estuche 12,00 € / Unit
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Golden yellow olive oil and aroma reminiscent of fresh fruit.

Extra virgin olive oil from Priego de Córdoba (Córdoba) coupage of the hojiblanca and picuda varieties.

Recommended uses: Mainly raw as an appetizer with rustic bread and salads where you want to enhance the flavor

Extra Virgin Olive Oil
hojiblanca ,picudo
Appellation of origin:
Priego de Córdoba (Córdoba)
500 ml
Hot spicy:
tomato plant
green banana
Ligeramente dulce y almendrado de alloza, presentando un amargo medio y un picante tardío largo e intenso a guindilla localizado principalmente en la lengua.


Los Ángeles - Best of Class Robust

L'Orciolo d'Oro - Gran Mención

Terra Oleum - Selección


Terraolivo - TOP 10 AWARD 2016 + Best International Award + Best of Spain + GRAN PRESTIGIO ORO 2016

Mario Solinas - Segundo MS 2016


todo perfecto


Se trata de la primera vez que pedimos aceite por Internet y que probams AlmaOliva virgen extra Bio. La entrega fue rapida y eficaz, lo que agradecimos mucho. En cuanto a la calidad del producto, nos


Schnell und übersichtlicher Ablauf

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Venta del Barón - Glasas bottle 500 ml. + box

Venta del Barón - Glasas bottle 500 ml. + box

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Manufacturer Info

Mueloliva, SL

Populated by Romans and Arabs, who called it Medina "Baiga", the city grew up with the culture of the olive tree and
learned to select, topping, anillar and clean the trees that gave it its greatest source of wealth: "the olive picuda
of Priego de Córdoba ".Testigo of that richness is the baroque art of the fountains and streets of the city and so is
its condition as traditional oil, which has managed to rescue at the same time the most precious oil formula: the virgin
olive oil of first extraction in cold weather, which is called "Venta del Barón", ceiteros by tradition, a motto that we
have maintained generation after generation In Mueloliva we have made of the Olive oil a whole way of life. Defined in
the middle of Subbética, the Mediterranean heart of Andalusia, we elaborate our products according to tradition, with the
patience and care that a great oil needs.Olive Oil is one of the most exquisite products that we can enjoy, not only for
its taste, but also for its excellent culinary and food conditions that make it unique within the best kitchens.
From here we invite you to know and expand information about Mueloliva and its oils.