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Select products for "direct purchase to the producer" by cases. Each request from a producer has its own shipping costs associated.

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Select products to "buy at the store" by units. The product price is somewhat higher than the mill order, but shipping charges are unique to the entire order.


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How to shop at Oliva Oliva

Step-by-step to do an order with Oliva Oliva

Once you have selected the items you would like to buy, press the button "COMPLETE ORDER" in order to process the order. This button is at the end of "shopping basket" on the right-hand side of the screen.

In four steps, your purchase will have been completed:

  1. Items: Breakdown of selected items for purchase, costs, delivery charges, taxes. In order to correctly calculate the total, you must select:

    • Destination (country and province)

    • Payment Method

    • Delivery (Select delivery company)

  2. Delivery information: Introduction of the complete delivery information of destination:

    • If already you are a registered client, complete the username and password fields to the beginning of the information form, under the epigraph “Session start” and select delivery destination.

    • If this is the first time that you have shopped with OLIVA OLIVA, please complete the areas for email and password at the end of the information form.

    Any given information is strictly confidential in compliance with our Privacy Policy, and will be used exclusively by OLIVA OLIVA, for:

    1. Deliver purchase to the indicated address.

    2. Inform as to the progress of the order.

    If you would like to receive monthly information on news at OLIVA OLIVA, you should apply using the provided form giving all the required information.

  3. Summary and confirmation of your order: Screen summary of the order information. After this screen you will have a chance to make any necessary changes to the order or simply confirm.

    In order to confirm, you will receive an email with all the order information.

  4. Recieve and pay:

    • If the chosen payment method is cash on delivery, your order will remain in pending until the we have received confirmation from the delivery company (deadline is maxium of 2 working hours)

    • If the chosen payment method is by bank transfer, your order will remain in pending until we have received a confirmation receipt from the bank.

    • If the chosen payment method is by credit card your order will remain in pending until the payment has been completed.

    In order to complete the payment with card you must select the option  "paying now" and follow the steps that take you to the secure page of the relevant bank.

    As soon as the payment has been confirmed, you will receive an email with confirmation of the order.

Deliver order

As from the moment that the order has been confirmed, the estimated time of delivery is between 48 and 72 working hours*.

At any point during the process you can track your order by logging into and opening up “your account / orders”.

Order from the oil mill

All of the products on sale in are directly sold from the oil mill manufacturers at the same price as in the oil mill.

  • The product will arrive at your house recently packaged (note the difference in opening the lid)

  • The price is the same as in the olive mill at the time of buying.

Store selection

Some of the products available from the oil mill are also available to “Purchase from the store”. With this option, you can select loose units of products from different manufacturers without a minimum order.

The product of the select store is sent from the central warehouse for which the delivery charges are one for the entire box, Allthough the products inside come from different geographic locations.

They will be available for purchase from the store when there is a green bottle symbol shown.

You can peruse all of the available products by going to the page Store selection.

Customer helpline

The Customer helpline can provide support, if you phone +34 902 02 64 51 or send an email .

Our office hours are Monday to Friday, 8,30 am - 20,00 pm.


* Unless international shipments, whose estimated time is 120 h.


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