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Lote Selección - L´Orciolo d´Oro 2016 - Ecologics awarded

Box of olive oil organic

Price: 45,10 €   iva inc.  

1 Units per box

box box (order from the oil mill)

Buy      unit ( 41,00 €  +  VAT ) at the store

Morellana gold in intense fruity category; Rincón de la Subbética silver in medium fruity category; Oro del Desierto Coupage silver in intense fruity category.


Extra virgin olive oil from Luque ( Cordoba, Spain ) made of the olive variety PICUDA .

Appearance: oil filter , presenting a very clean look.
Color: Yellow -gold .

Intense fruity of green olive, of great complexity and harmony, with fruity notes of apple and banana , green almond highlighting its intensity. Among the more arable descriptors highlight is the newly cut grass.

Olive oil very fluid , very elegant, still enjoyable travel both in the oral cavity , such as the persistence over time .

Entry into sweet , characteristic of the variety Picuda mouth anteriorly appreciate the nutty and herbaceous notes of green wheat. Moving to the back of the green banana and artichoke seen , is almost imperceptible bitterness and a very light finish itching.

His balance, harmony and elegance in aroma and flavor allows us to enjoy the complexity and nuances of green
This aromatic freshly squeezed olives Picuda variety .

Limited production of 4,000 kg per harvest.
Harvest: End of October

Rincón de la Subbética

Olive oil oil high and ripe intensity. A multitude of shades, showing great complexity which is reminiscent of fruits and ciaricas. Herbs of Tyme and Mint, touches of vegetables like tomato plant. In the mouth, it is a sweet taste of ripe almonds, bitter and spice- intensely medium.Perfectly balanced as an oil, long, persistent and never boring to its taster.


This virgin olive oil from Priego de Córdoba (Córdoba) is monovarietal and from the hojiblanca variety.

Its tasting notes include medium fruityintense bitter and medium spicy.

Oro del Desierto Coupage

Olive Oil extra virgin ecological oil, green in colour, soft and a sweet flavour with slight bitterness. Extra Virgen Olive non-filtered

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producer of Lote Selección

Oliva Oliva Oliva Oliva

Madrid, Madrid (Spain)

Oliva Oliva is the main olive oil-merchants in the world of the internet, with around 500 online products, and incorperating new selected products every day.

At Oliva Oliva, the buying of extra virgin olive oil is done directly from the oil mill at the same price as it is sold at the mill shop.


The product comes from the original oil mill, freshly packed and prepared on demand specially, for Oliva Oliva clientes.

The associated delivery company that works alongside Oliva Oliva deals with the collecting and delivering of the produce, with the aim of doing so in less than 48 hours. On top of this, one day needs to be added for the preparation of the product, the maximum estimated time for the delivery, from the point of production to the placement of the order is 72 hours.


The delivery cost negotiated with the delivery company is made without profit. Therefore the price of the original oil plus the price of the delivery (negotiated by Oliva OIiva) together make for the lowest price on the market possible, which applies to all products that come form the oil mill and finishing in the house.


Where the customer would prefer different products can be tasted and tried out before placing an order, in small amounts at the oil mill. There is a service in place for this called Buy from the store, by which any of the oil products can be bought with only one single delivery charge.

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